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2024 snow season is just around the corner. Hoys online bookings system is now OPEN. Early Bird deal: Book before June 1st & pay 2023 online rates. Contact us today if you need some advice getting your snow holiday organised

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Congratulations on choosing to rent your snow gear through Hoys. Thank you for supporting our Aussie family business – we hope you have a wonderful snow holiday

  • UNTIL JUNE 1st 2024 – all online bookings will be automatically calculated at our 2023 prices including Epic Pass discounts.
  • When you book ski & board rental packages online, the price will automatically calculate at the 30% off discounted rate compared to instore. Rental products will calculate pricing at your age price point when you put in your date of birth. Book 1 + days rentals through the BOOK NOW buttons.
  • Epic Pass holders booking portal – please only book gear in this portal if ALL members of your party hold an Epic season pass. You must be able to show your pass receipt in store when you pick up your Hoys rental gear
  • If hiring snow chains in Harrietville or Omeo but picking up other rental gear at a Hoys on mountain location – select your on mountain shop as the pick up location. When you go to the chain booking section – in the remarks section just write “Pick up in …..(your chosen location) + vehicle type & tyre size.
  • We’d love you to return your rental gear on the afternoon you finish skiing or boarding so we can clean, dry & service it for our next guests! To avoid extra days rental fees on your gear – it must be returned UNUSED by 10am on mountain or by 11am in Harrietville or Omeo if your rental contract ended the day before. Otherwise you will have to pay for an extra consecutive days rental on all equipment.
  • The Free Day Deal – all rental products being hired for more than 4 consecutive days – the booking system will automatically include your 5th day’s rental as free.
  • Ski or Board “packages” include boots &/or poles – helmet hire is included free with Child ski & board packages
  • Hoys Skis P/L offer a No Snow Guarantee
  • Not sure which level Ski or Board package to choose? Check out your options in our Ski & Snow Gear section.
  • By filling in your date of birth (DOB)- the system will automatically detect whether you are a child, adult or a senior and thus price accordingly
  • The discounts are offered on ski & board rental packages only.
  • If you are picking up your chains from Hoys Chains Omeo – best to call or email Hoys with your tyre size to confirm your booking.
  • You can swap from original booked package (ski) to another package (board) at a cost of $15 per swap. Just choose what you’d like to do first when booking – swaps are available from skis to boards to XC.
  • You can upgrade to Performance or Demo level gear in store & keep the online prepaid discounted rate.
  • Own your own boots? Note there is a new option to book skis or boards only
  • If you are a return customer (good on you!), we already have your details in our system from last time you visited us. Some details will auto fill, which should occur when you are selecting gear this time – others like height & weight, you will have to update for the new year.

If, due to lack of snow, there are less than 3 lifts (inclusive of at least 1 lift that services an intermediate trail) operating at Mt Hotham 2 days prior to the check-in date of your snow holiday, you may choose to receive a credit or full refund on all pre-paid Hoys products. If booked online through PayPal – we reserve the right to deduct the PayPal transaction fee.

If you decide to wait less than 2 days before your check-in date to see if further lifts open, the credit or refund will be granted based on the number of lifts operational due to lack of snow on the day you request a refund. You may not cancel your prepaid rental equipment on the check -in date. This snow guarantee only applies if a lift cannot opened due to lack of snow on the major trail it services. The guarantee does not apply if lifts are on windhold – i.e. not able to be opened due to high winds, low visibility or a combination of these weather elements or undergoing temporary maintenance. Hoys will also offer a credit or refund if you cannot use your equipment if a medical certificate is produced due to injury or illness for an individual. Contact us for further clarification if required. View our Rental Terms & Policies here.

* Hoys do not refund for change of mind. Present us with a medical certificate for injury & we will happily refund. Better to choose the minimum number of days you know you want to hire for – we’ll let you extend for further days at your discounted rate.

Hoys reserve the right to cancel an online booking prior to guest arrival with notice.